Our Companies

These are our list of companies dedicated to carry petrol for Padma, Meghna and Jamuna oil companies:

Ayoti Business Enterprise Ltd.
Bangladesh Petroleum Carriers Ltd.
Birds Bangladesh Agencies Ltd.
Blue Funnel Ltd.
Ebadee Petro Carriers Pvt. Ltd.
Eastern River Service Ltd.
Hikmat Carriers Ltd.
Highspeed Petroleum Carriers Ltd.
Libra Petroleum Carriers Ltd.
Madinah Petro Carriers Ltd.
Niamat Petroleum Carriers Ltd.
Parapar Enterprise Ltd.

Company that manages our Edible Oil vessels:

Highspeed Navigation Company Ltd.

Companies that own and operate our passenger vessels:

Highspeed Navigation Company Ltd.
Niamat Carriers Ltd.

Company in charge of shipbuilding and heavy Engineering:

Highspeed Shipbuilding & Engineering Company Ltd.

Companies that perform shipping agency service & freight forwarding:

Birds Bangladesh Agencies Ltd.
Birds Multimodal Services Ltd.
Highspeed Maritime Company Ltd.