Shipbuilding, Engineering, & repairs

Shipbuilding and Heavy Engineering

Highspeed Shipbuilding & Heavy Engineering Co. Ltd. is one of the oldest and most prominent names in this sector in Bangladesh. The ship division builds watercrafts of various specifications, sizes, and types. The maximum tonnage built by the Company on its own is in the range of 1200 DWT to include oil tankers, deep sea freezer trawlers, dredgers, coasters, cargo vessels, floating barges, docks, patrol boats, troops carriers, and floating cranes, a number of which are classed to NK (Japan), ABS (USA), and Lloyds (UK). Our shipyard boasts the record of building more than one hundred vessels and fifty steel hulls of various sizes for BIWTA and other organizations. Our competence in heavy engineering includes, but is not limited to, construction of industrial plants, storage tanks, Rolling Stock items, steel towers, deck machinery, cargo handling equipments, boilers, heat exchangers, low pressure pipes, and steel structures. Our workshop is well equipped with modern machineries, where extensive moulding, bending, rolling, pressing, milling, drilling, casting, welding, and precision work is undertaken.

Ship Repairs

We have extensive repair facilities in our shipyard to repair all kinds of water crafts ranging from 500 DWT to 3000 DWT. To date, we have repaired hundreds of vessels, namely Oil Tankers, Dry Cargo Vessels, Passenger Ferries, Tugs, Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers, large dumb barges, and other specialized vessels like those of Bangladesh Army’s. Our shipyard is equipped with 5 heavy slipways which can lift vessels up to 3000 DWT, 3 large cranes including a tower crane for heavy lifting, and a full-fledged workshop facility covering all the necessary tools and machineries. We have trained expert professionals who have been working in our workshop for the last two to three decades. Among other facilities, we also have our own substation and standby generators of up to 1000 KVA to ensure uninterrupted work round the clock.