POL (Petroleum, Oil & Lubricants) carriage

Bangladesh is wholly dependent on imported oil. Internal distribution is significantly dependent on river transport. Our fleet of 21 oil tankers plays a vital role in transporting petroleum products from Chittagong depot to inland destinations. The fleet of vessels, equipped with the latest marine equipments and provision for carrying multiple products, is deployed under long term as well as time and trip charters to Padma, Meghna, Jamuna oil companies. The capacity of our fleet ranges from 500 DWT to 2000 DWT. The higher capacity Oil Tankers are mostly imported from Japan and classed with NK Japan. We are the oldest and leading operator and owner in this field. We have our own shipyard and service facilities and therefore our oil tankers are very well maintained. Our safety record testifies to that.

Edible Oil Carriage

Our fleet of 6 vessels is dedicated to transport soybean oil from reserve depots of private importers in Chittagong to inland distribution depots in the interior of the country. We also carry out lighterage work with these vessels to transfer oil from mother vessel to reserve depots of these private operators. The capacity of our fleet ranges from 800 DWT to 1200 DWT.

Passenger Vessels & Other Services

Currently we operate two passenger vessels in the Chandpur route.

We also own one tugboat and a barge which are periodically offered for short-term charter service.